Apathy to Action - Climate Tips
We just might be able to stop a runaway climate crisis.
It will take collaboration and synergy on the largest scale ever seen in human history.

Here's what you can do today:
  • Join 350.org.
  • Visit 2020 or Bust.
    • Download the 2020 or Bust app on your smartphone!
    • Earn points for reducing your footprint. How low can you go?
  • Divest your money away from Fuel/Gas/Coal.
  • Invest in green and carbon-neutral tech.
    • Call Con Ed and opt into Solar/Wind Energy.
  • Use Consumer Power!
    • There are an increasing number of eco-friendly brands.
    • Shop locally.
    • Shop at THRIFT STORES, anywhere. (Clothing industry is one of the worst producers of carbon emissions.)
  • Reduce your plastic consumption.
  • Can't find a recycling bin? CARRY your plastic until you find one.
  • Compost.
    • Rally your building or block association for composting options.
  • Eat locally harvested food.
  • Eat a meatless meal.
  • You can replace your plastics with wood or bamboo. You can find:
    • Party plates (bamboo or paper)
    • Tooth brushes (bamboo)
    • Straws (metal, bamboo or paper)
    • Snack pouches (washable and reusable)
    • Food wrap (bees wax and cloth)
    • Reusable bags (cloth rather than plastic rip-stop)
  • You can use and reuse threads.
  • Lobby against the NY pipeline!
    • Text "Cuomo Mondays" to #698-66 and get a Monday reminder to take action.
  • VOTE with climate at the forefront.