"The whole performance is put on with a flare without being heavy-handed. The performances were excellent. It all serves to remind me that they do not have the funding they should have."
-Joseph Conway. OUTERSTAGES.
"Its bare-bones production was as potent as the one Arthur Miller’s A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE is getting... It has been years since this has been mounted on Broadway. Producers re-write that wrong."
-Peter Filishia. FILISHIA ON FRIDAY.
"Ripple Effect is definitely a company to keep watching."
-Sander Gusinow. DRAMAQUEENS.
"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." -Robert F. Kennedy.

  • Theatre and the ability it has to inspire an audience to make a difference
  • Student empowerment
  • Theatrical, game-changing philanthropy: Each of our productions donates a significant portion of Box Office Proceeds towards Human Rights Organizations/Initiatives
  • Dialogue inspired by theatre with our Talk-Back Presentations with Partnering Organizations and Educators
  • International outreach and the impact of art on the world
  • Inspiring young student-actors to create their own Ripple Effect
  • Complimentary tickets for students, so that they can enjoy the power of theatre
  • Honoring masterful playwrights with powerful messages of their own
  • Honoring artistry by honoring our actors
The inspiration for Ripple Effect Artists came from Jessie Fahay's love of theatre and her own experience as an actress in New York City. Committed to working with productions and touring companies that promoted a sense of change through dialogue, Jessie sought to change her community and the world by developing an organization that melded her two loves, theatre and crucial conversations. After years of working in Educational Theatre, as a public speaker, actress, author, graduate student, and her work with Landmark Education and United Global Shift, she has developed an even stronger commitment to making a difference through her love of theatre and appreciation for theatre-education as a vehicle. Thus Ripple Effect Artists was conceived. With a committed team of Board Members, Actors, Directors, and Theatre Lovers, Jessie has seen her wish of pushing audiences from apathy to action come together and hopes to continue inspiring change in generations to come.

Jessica Jennings Jessie Fahay Natalie Craig
Director of Development/Associate Director. Coming from a theatrical family, Ms. Jennings grew up on the stage. She has performed internationally, on stage, screen, both in dance and acting, and grew her skills to include choreography, directing, and grant-writing. Her accomplishments have garnished several awards including Jean Dalrymple Awards in Directing (2010) and Acting - for Best Shakespearean Actress (2005); and was nominated for a Princess Grace Award in Directing (2011). She is associated with American Theater of Actors, and as Dramaturge for Legacy Stage Ensemble. Ms. Jennings received her 2-year training certificate from the Martha Graham School of Dance (2000); her B.F.A. in Modern Dance Performance from University of the Arts (2004); co-founded Elojes Dance Theater (2005-7); served as associate Grant-Writer with Spanish Repertory Theater (2009-11); and was honored to become a part of the Ripple Effect Artists team in 2011. Founding Executive Director. Jessie's love for theatre, philanthropy, and ethical business practices makes her thrilled to be the proud founder and Executive Director of Ripple Effect Artists. She grew up with a love for viewing visceral theatre productions that move audiences along with the philosophy that "We are here to create and contribute. Not Compete." -Robert Anthony. Her accomplishments range from being a published author and playwright, attaining an MBA, and winning the New Jersey Governor's award for one of her original written works. After graduating from Marymount Manhattan with a BA in Theatre and Production Management, she spent years acting in New York with numerous touring and not-for-profit theatre companies along with being cast in several television/film roles. Her performing experience, her passions for making a difference coming from education at United Global Shift, her business education, and her experience traveling around the country as a public speaker inspired her to begin this company in 2009. She oversees all operations, works to expand the company financially and artistically, acts as lead-producer on all productions, designs and edits the website and all marketing materials, and leads all marketing-campaigns. In addition to her work with Ripple Effect Artists Inc., she still works as an actor and gives talks about the subject matter of her book, "What Method? The Different Ways an Actor Can Train." She is committed to creating an ongoing "Ripple Effect," using her love of pivotal theatre as a vehicle. Graphic Design. She is pleased to be working with Ripple Effect Artists as they present the art of theater with social consciousness. Ripple Effect Artists’ insight into the creative interpretation of playwrights, sensitivity to the impact the viewers, and interfacing with philanthropic groups, speaks to the value of the arts in our communities. After working in art/production directing with McGraw Hill and Dow Jones Financial Publishing, Natalie continues work in consulting and graphic design with a focus on assisting small businesses with the visual aspects of their professional stance. Natalie is also an artist, giving her another dimension of respect for the creative endeavors of the artists and the goals of Ripple Effect Artists. And, is grateful for the opportunity to see and be a part of the ever evolving scope of Ripple Effect!
Board Members
JESSICA JENNINGS - President. Spanish Repertorio. American Theater of Actors.
CINDY FAHAY - Secretary. McGraw Hill. Black's Guide.
MADISON REYES - Officer. Accomplishment Coaching.
INA CHADWICK - Mousemuse Productions.
VICTOR GALLO - Kit Chemistry LLC.

Senior Advisors
FRED ROHAN-VARGAS - Officer. Mixing It Up Productions.
JANA ROBBINS - Better World Productions Inc.
ABBE SILVERBERG SPARKS - Officer. Founder, Abbe Sparks Media Group.

SUE ABLE - Artist, self-employed.
MICHAEL FAHAY - Audobon Society.
STEVE LATIMER - Amnesty International.
GRACE MACEK - Early Childhood Education.
DAVID HAMAOUI - TheRepresented.com.