The inspiration for Ripple Effect Artists came from Jessie Fahay’s love of theatre and her own experience as an actress in New York City. Committed to working with productions and touring companies that promoted a sense of change through dialogue, Jessie sought to change her community and the world by developing an organization that melded her two loves, theatre and crucial conversations. After years of working in Educational Theatre, as a public speaker, actress, author, graduate student, and her work with Landmark Education and United Global Shift, she has developed an even stronger commitment to making a difference through her love of theatre and appreciation for theatre-education as a vehicle. Thus Ripple Effect Artists was conceived. With a committed team of Board Members, Actors, Directors, and Theatre Lovers, Jessie has seen her wish of pushing audiences from apathy to action come together and hopes to continue inspiring change in generations to come.

We Believe In:

  • Theatre and the ability it has to inspire an audience to make a difference
  • Student empowerment
  • Theatrical, game-changing philanthropy: Each of our productions donates a significant portion of Box Office Proceeds towards Human Rights Organizations/Initiatives
  • Dialogue inspired by theatre with our Talk-Back Presentations with Partnering Organizations and Educators
  • International outreach and the impact of art on the world
  • Inspiring young student-actors to create their own Ripple Effect
  • Complimentary tickets for students, so that they can enjoy the power of theatre
  • Honoring masterful playwrights with powerful messages of their own
  • Honoring artistry by honoring our actors


“The whole performance is put on with a flare without being heavy-handed. The performances were excellent. It all serves to remind me that they do not have the funding they should have.”

- Joseph Conway. OUTERSTAGES

“Its bare-bones production was as potent as the one Arthur Miller’s A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE is getting… It has been years since this has been mounted on Broadway. Producers re-write that wrong.”


“Ripple Effect is definitely a company to keep watching.”

- Sander Gusinow. DRAMAQUEENS

The Team

Jessica Jennings

JESSICA JENNINGS is the founding Board President for REA. Jessica received a B.F.A. from The University of the Arts. She has managed multi-million dollar retail at Rockefeller Center and at Grand Central for L’Occitane; and she interned in Development at Spanish Repertory Theatre. Her development has won grants for three theatre groups in NYC, and she has been intrinsic to developing REA’s “talk-back”