Ripple Effect Artists Filmmakers Launch Pad

The platform you need to launch, elevate and succeed at your filmmaking career

For the first time Ripple Effect Artists is offering independent filmmakers the opportunity for a unique launch pad. We are opening our doors to independent filmmakers of feature and short-films of any skill-level to engage us with their stories steeped in social commentary to win cash grants, discounts on production and post-production skills, and consultations with industry professionals.

Submit the Following to Qualify:

1. 10 pages of the script
2. Your budget
Details of accomplished pre-production (cast, crew, location, costumes etc.)
Timeline of Production
The benefit of our Grant Amount to You

Increase Your Chances of Success by:

1. Having your story address a social issue
2. Ensuring that the highest grant amount is at least 5-10% of your overall budget
3. Be ready to shoot within three months of the decision date
4. Explaining the difference made by our grant in as much technical detail as possible

How to Make Your Submission:

1. Send us your submission documents at __ by __
2. Pay your submission fee of $40 at <Paypal?>
3. Attach your fee confirmation with your submission documents